New year ahead, new website

This has been a long process for me.  There must be something with me and technology that don’t get along.  As much as I like some of the modern conveniences we have, I find myself very slow to want to adapt to it.  It took me forever to use my iPod that came free with my laptop.  I was so resistant to it!  Getting my smart phone was the same way–I thought my flip phone worked just fine–and connecting on social media usually makes me feel unhappy and mildly stressed.  When I heard about new websites that are easy to work with and update, I knew I should begin going in this direction but it’s literally taken me a few years to get here…slow…painful…years.  But here I am!  🙂  I want to thank my friend, Jeff Cather, for making my first website for me and diligently updating the shows for so long.  He put in a lot of hours making that site for me, among many other things to help promote my music.  Now as I am wrapping up this site, I’m starting on another for my In the Quiet album series.  My goal is to get this done before summer, 2014, but I’m not holding my breath.  😉

I hope you enjoy the website!  I plan to update it much more regularly with blogs, pictures and videos.