FALL CoverFall

“Fall relies on Carlson’s polished vocals and pleasing acoustic guitar riffs heavily. For fans of stripped-down songwriting, the minimal instrumentation of the album will definitely be a plus… Fall is a strong independent release. Carlson’s great vocals and smart understanding of country melodies should guarantee her future success.” – Chris Homer, MuzikReviews.com Assistant Senior Editor

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Long Way Back album picLong Way Back

“This young lady grabs you with her lyrics and keeps you there with her sound—a mixture of folk, country and blues. If this project is any indication of what we can expect from  Ms. Carlson, the folks in Nashville had better sit up and take notice.” – Alathea Johnson, Moozikoo.com Staff.

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carlsonraeCarlsonRae – Stonewalls

Yeah…it’s as rare as a sighting of Haley’s Comet, but sometimes, miraculously, things just happen to WORK.
You don’t question it, analyze it, or bother trying to deconstruct it. Forces come together out of nowhere and Boom, there you go.  Carlson Rae is exactly that.  Two incredibly gifted singer-songwriters (both in their own right, fully-realized artists with budding careers independent of each other) who happened to bump into each other at the right time.  Lucky for us.  Each brings a different, unique spice to their simmering gumbo of folk, blues, country, and rock.  -Jim Walker, producer and musician

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carlson-wellsCarlson Wells

From cross-country rides as kids stuffed in the back of a 70’s sedan to college singing tours with friends, Nicole and Tiffany began singing together with their family’s traveling ensemble wearing hand made, matching outfits that their mother sewed. They continued to create harmony together through their growing up years and into young adulthood. The youngest two of three daughters, both have pursued singing and songwriting on their own in various ways and venues over the last decade, give or take a few years. No longer sporting matching attire, they now come back together to create a blended sound once again. Described best as acoustic folk, Nicole and Tiffany form soothing harmonies and simplistically arranged stringed instruments using guitar, violin, and mandolin. Though happy to perform cover tunes, they love sharing their original songs, whether written together or apart. Both are still embarking on solo artistry but are excited about this adventure as a duo.

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