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      01 Different Day
      02 Leave The Demon
      03 Long Way To You
      04 Don't Spoil A Good Thing
      05 Maiden
      06 Even Keel

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Yeah…it’s as rare as a sighting of Haley’s Comet, but sometimes, miraculously, things just happen to WORK.
You don’t question it, analyze it, or bother trying to deconstruct it. Forces come together out of nowhere and Boom, there you go.

Carlson Rae is exactly that.

Two incredibly gifted singer-songwriters (both in their own right, fully-realized artists with budding careers independent of each other) who happened to bump into each other at the right time.
Lucky for us.
Each brings a different, unique spice to their simmering gumbo of folk, blues, country, and rock.

Tiffany Carlson…well, this woman can simply break your dog-gone heart with the way she sings – gorgeous, lilting, haunting, pure and clear. An inspired voice that dares you not to be drawn into it. Dares you not to fall in love with it. There’s an angel in Heaven who has no voice – Tiffany got it instead.

Melanie Rae is wood and silken brass. Her voice grabs you, and pins you to the mat. She merely breathes, and you simply must pay attention. It’s a voice that hits for distance. The soundtrack for your greatest love, and your deepest hurt.

I’ve worked with Tiffany since 2005, and we’ve done two cds together. I’d met Melanie through my band mate, Tim Ellis (who played guitar on Melanie’s debut cd). I was listening to Mel’s voice on her Myspace page one day and thought, Tiffany and Melanie should meet, and sing together…
And they did.

I don’t really know why they agreed to that…no one ever listens to me. But in this case they did, and I feel glad that in my own small way I helped their project get legs.
Not only are these two women ridiculously talented, they are also two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet. Down to earth, kind, caring, the kind of humans I strive to be but never will, because I am evil and they are good, so very good.

Jim Walker – Producer